1. ARCEE journal firstly published its issue in August 2019, and received e-ISSN from LIPI on 25 November 2019.
2. The journal was initially named “Applied Research on Civil Engineering and Environment”. Then it was renamed “Applied Research on Civil Engineering and Environment (ARCEE)”, adjusting to the more appropriate choice of name. As a result, the file name of Vol. 1 No. 1. was revised and republished the issue in October 2019.
3. The review processes of Volume 1 Nos. 1 and 2 were done manually. Then, the review archives were uploaded into OJS at the beginning of April 2021.
4. From 19-25 March 2021, the journal has migrated from OJS 2 into OJS and it has been inactive temporarily.
5. Then the template revision of the journal has been made for Volume 3. No. 1 onwards. The new template is available for download from its menu. It will be informed if the next revision is in need.