Nur Hasyim


The ability to translate terms related to research is needed by the academic community: lecturers and students so that this ability needs to be understood and mastered. Therefore, this article describes guidelines for translating research-related terms. Research-related terms are specific terms used in research activities. The focus of the study in this article is a model that can be used as a guide in translating terms related to research. What is conveyed in this article is the results of research with a superior scheme of study programs carried out with a qualitative research approach with reference to the main data from the results of the translation of terms that are able to produce optimal translation quality and from the opinions of translation experts. The results of the study found that established equivalent, borrowing, and transposition were the most effective techniques that could be used to translate which were able to produce optimal translation quality.


Author Biography

Nur Hasyim, Politeknik Negeri Jakarta

Dosen Politeknik Negeri Jakarta

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Hasyim, N. (2021). A GUIDE TO TRANSLATING A RESEARCH-RELATING TERM. Epigram, 18(2). https://doi.org/10.32722/epi.v18i2.3825