Muhamad Saad
Heru Purnomo


A bridge is a structure that connects two places separated by an obstacle. These obstacles are in the form of rivers, seas, ravines, or gaps between buildings. One of them is the sea, where planning must consider the free height of the bridge to prevent being struck by ship traffic. Preventive efforts, however, were not expected due to the sea level exceeding the planned high conditions, which led to an accident where a ship struck the bridge. This condition causes the bridge to experience transverse deformation due to the impact load conditions on the bridge in the transverse direction. The odd behaviour of the bridge, particularly in the compression and tension sections, required a brief further examination. The incident of the ship crashing into the bridge was taken from the case study of the 6 Barelang Bridge, where the concrete box girder type bridge was affected by LBW APCs. Australian One Ship in 2012. Bridge behaviour was reviewed using non-linear geometric analysis, and the static impact load estimated with the AASHTO Method. The condition of the model is then compared with historical data on bridge damage for structural modelling verification.



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