Kawungluwuk Tourism Village Tourist Service Strategy


Firman Syah
Asterina Anggraini


The purpose of this study is to explain the service strategy provided by the Pokdarwis of Kawungluwuk Village to tourists visiting Pamoyanan Hill. As a Tourism Village, Kawungluwuk has the advantage of Pamoyanan Hill, which is a mainstay for bringing in tourists. The superior view offered by Pamoyanan Hill is inviting tourists to feel above the clouds in the morning. The cool and sometimes cold air also often hits tourists who choose to stay overnight so they can see the sunrise. To provide convenience and add to the comfort of tourists, there is a form of service from the Pokdarwis of Kawungluwuk Village, such as preparing a warm bajigur drink in a pot. Tourists who spend the night on Pamoyanan Hill by renting a tent can enjoy bajigur drinks. Previously, Pokdarwis had also prepared several views that could become selfie objects for tourists while on Pamoyanan Hill.