Promotional Strategy in Developing Virtual Education Events and Youth Events by Outstanding Youth Indonesia


Thalita Naila Azzahra Naila
Firman Syah


It has been almost 2 years that we have lived side by side with the Covid-19 virus, many sectors of the economy have experienced paralysis, including the MICE Industry. The MICE industry is one of the sectors that has been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, many events that have been planned have had to be postponed or even canceled. New innovations began to emerge, such as holding virtual events. Outstanding Youth Indonesia is one of the start-ups engaged in education that participates in virtual event innovation. OYI organizes events in the field of education such as Scholarship Expo, International Competitions and also educational seminars. This research was conducted to determine the effective promotion strategy in marketing an education and youth event. This study applies a qualitative method, namely data collection through observation and interviews. Data collection techniques were carried out through direct observation methods and actively participated in the implementation of promotional strategies and interviewed the Chief Marketing Officer of OYI in order to obtain valid data related to the promotional strategies carried out. OYI sees the opportunity to use social media as a means to promote the event to be held, so that the promotion strategy that is maximized is the use of social media. Creating social media content that is currently happening among young people and related to events that will be held, as well as collaborating with several influencers to attract a wider target. The use of social media is considered effective because, in 2020 the participants who took part in the events organized by OYI were 15 participants and in 2021 there was an increase to 30 participants, the percentage increase experienced was 100%. The benefit of this research is to become a reference for the use of social media as an effective promotional strategy.