Strategi Perancangan Online Business matching pada Event Indonesia & Taiwan Business day


Firman Syah
Angelica Ersalina Rahmawaty


Business matching brings together suppliers and buyers who have the same industry background with the purpose of transactions between two parties. Seeing this opportunity, PT Maximaindo held an online business matching between Indonesia and Taiwan which brought together suppliers from Taiwan and buyers from Indonesia which was held through a zoom meeting from the manufacturing and plastic industry. The purpose of conducting this research is to explain the process, as well as the obstacles and solutions in the process of bringing in buyers at the Indonesia & Taiwan Business day event. In this research, it used the data collection method through interviews with the event operational team, observations in moderate participation where researchers participated but only in a few activities, and conducted literature studies using journals, book references, and also information obtained through the internet. The results of the research show that there are 6 step in the process of bringing in buyers, starting from direct appointment, preparation, WA / EDM Blast, registration, follow-up buyers, and buyer reminders. As a result of these 6 steps, PT Maximaindo brought in 21 suppliers and 39 buyers who will take part in Indonesia & Taiwan Business day.