Peran Public Relations Assistant dalam Kegiatan Press-Conference Event GIIAS 2018


Fira Rizki Yudiar
Sudarno Sudarno


The GAIKINDO International Auto Show (GIIAS) is a world-class automotive exhibition, and it has been held annually since 1986 by the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (GAIKINDO). GIIAS has been the industry players’ choice for the launch of their new vehicles and concept cars, and the most anticipated automotive exhibition in Indonesia. Public relations has an important role in the implementation of the GIIAS exhibition, which is to carry out effective communication activities, create a positive image of the event, and prevent problems related to the event. Public relations is a source of information for internal side and external side. One way to disseminate information related to this exhibition is the Press Conference process. PT Amara Tujuh Perjuangan held a Press Conference which was designed to provide an overview of what will be presented at the 2018 GIIAS exhibition. The Press Conference was held by inviting media partners to create improved promotion and publication processes by disseminating information and increasing public attention to this event. This study uses observative data collection methods with qualitative descriptive analysis methods. The results of this study were to study the role of public relations assistants in the 2018 GIIAS Press Conference.