Analisis Tahapan Pelaksanaan Event CSR Berdasarkan Konsep Donald Getz


Karlina Eka Dewi
Imam Syafganti


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a corporate social activity as a manifestation of corporate dedication and gratitude to society and the environment. The government regulates this in the provisions of Article 74 of Law Number 40 of 2007. As one of the largest State-Owned Enterprises in Indonesia engaged in Telecommunications, Telkom has social responsibility towards the community. One of Telkom's CSR programs is "Telkom Peduli Budaya". Telkom cooperates with PT Balai Pustaka and publishes a book entitled "Semarak Permainan Tradisional Anak Negeri" and then this book is implemented into an event with the same title, " Semarak Permainan Tradisional Anak Negeri". This event is a form of Telkom Indonesia's concern along with Balai Pustaka to preserve the traditional games that are almost extinct by the times. The aims of this research is to confirm if the planning of the event that has been carried out is in accordance with the concept of Donald Getz about event management which consisted of 3 parts, namely pre event, during, and post event. This research uses descriptive qualitative methods obtained from direct observations that have been made.