Tahapan Perencanaan Program Insentif Travel (Studi Kasus Program Insentif untuk Loyal Customer PT.Telkomsel)


Raka Andita Hidayat
Christina L. Rudatin


Incentive travel planners have many roles in an incentive travel program. They can be motivators, negotiators, event designers, risk managers, and experts on overall incentive travel trends. Today, incentive travel planners need that skill and some additional skills such as flexibility and creativity to manage a travel program when the travel industry is rocked by an unstable global economy. That makes an incentive program planner must have a good strategy in building a travel incentive program. The purposes of this study can be used as a benchmark for incentive program planners in making an incentive travel program by paying attention to various things. The research method used is a qualitative method by collecting data obtained through case studies of incentive travel programs for loyal customers of Telkomsel held by PT. Kinarya Selaras in the practice of field work in companies with related fields and by comparing with theories related to planning travel tours for corporate. The results of this study are in the stages needed by the incentive program planner to create an attractive and creative incentive travel program by planners so that incentive program planners can develop travel incentive programs to attract customer interest.