Peran Persiapan Workshop Melukis Bersama pada Festival Bebas Batas 2018


Afrida Zulaekha
Heri Setyawan


The development of events is increasing rapidly nowdays. The purpose of organizing the event is very diverse and packaged in a unique form. One of them is a workshop. The workshop is a small scientific meeting between experts (experts) to discuss practical or related issues with implementation in their fields of expertise to solve certain problems and find solutions and in workshops produce a product that can be used by participants. In a workshop, many things must be prepared both from the facilitator's side and the organizer. This research article discusses one form of workshop namely the Joint Painting Workshop at Festival Bebas Batas 2018, where the author acts as an organizer. The goal is for readers to know the process of preparing workshops from the organizer's side. Observations were made with observations and direct observations in preparation until the implementation of the Joint Painting Workshop 2018, as well as interviews with certain parties involved in the activity to obtain direct information. The preparation process of this workshop consists of 4 (four) stages, namely making a checklist, contacting workshop participants, contacting parties related to the workshop, and preparing documents and workshop tools and materials.