Peran Organizer pada Pelaksanaan Client Appreciation Event pada “Bincang ASKRINDO” oleh PT. Multi Taruna Sejati


Larasati -
Imam Syafganti


Client Application Event is one type of MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, and Exhibition) event that is in corporate event specification. Bincang ASKRINDO is an event that aims to appreciate the clients of PT. Asuransi Kredit Indonesia (ASKRINDO) for the contribution of those who have become ASKRINDO customers, it supposed to need an organizer for the preparation of the event up to the implementation of the event. The method of data collection is by active observation, becoming part of the ASKRINDO Committee and interviewing certain parties. The role of the organizer in the planning process Discuss ASKRINDO are determining the concept of the event, making the arrangement of the program, and then coordinating with various parties. Whereas in the process of Bincang ASKRINDO, which includes venue and audio-visual set-ups, briefings, rehearsals, and controlling the flow of events.