Proses Penyusunan Anggaran 4Th PGA UNSOED Golf Tournament


Nickitha Cristi
Tuty Herawati


The development of the golf tournament has grown rapidly at this time. The purpose of the budget research of the 4th PGA UNSOED Golf Tournament was to find out the budgeting process used by PT Micetro Karya Indonesia and PGA UNSOED. This study shows how to make a budget in this golf tournament. The method in this study is a case study and observation, that the authors participated in the budgeting process of this event. The results of this study are that the golf tournament budget is prepared based on the needs of the PGA UNSOED and depends on the number of participants who register. The problem is the time needed to prepare the budget for the 4th PGA UNSOED Golf Tournament is quite long, if there is a deviation from the budget there is a possibility that it cannot be adjusted to the preparation plan (timeline). Organizers should be more proactive in arranging fixed budgets to avoid wasting costs and time or things that are not profitable for the company.