Pengelolaan Logistik dalam Tahapan Pra Event Konvensi Kenegaraan Sidang Tahunan MPR RI Tahun 2018


Vini Megawati Firman
Sudarno Sudarno


One of the factors that determines the success key of an event is the availability of all the needs needed, including the management of logistics that must be met to ensure the event can run smoothly. Especially if the event is held involving various important guests of a country such as state conventions. The Annual Plenary Session of the People's Consultative Assembly is a state convention in Indonesia which has become an annual routine agenda held since 2015 by the People's Consultative Assembly. Therefore, the process of managing logistics at this convention is certainly a very vital thing. Logistics management at the pre-event stage of the annual meeting of the People's Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia in 2018 consisted of compiling logistical needs, making a logistics checklist, warehouse checking, cooperating with relevant parties to distributing goods. The process of collecting data is done by observation and interviews. The results of this study aim to determine the logistics management process carried out by the Secretariat General of the People's Consultative Assembly before holding the 2018 Annual Session.