Persiapan dan Penanganan Trade, Tourism, and Investment Seminar 2018


Vanessa Campioni Sibarani
Rimsky K. Judiseno


The Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia together with Debindomulti Adhiswasti annually organizes MICE events in the form of trade shows named "Trade Expo". In its 33rd edition, "Trade Expo 2018" has a supporting program, named “Trade, Tourism, and Investment Seminar”. Through “Trade, Tourism and Investment Seminars”, exporters, prospective exporters, investors, potential investors, businesses and government officials will obtain information and solutions about strategies in facing challenges and opportunities for international trade, tourism and investment from speakers who are leaders of the relevant sectors. In the preparation and implementation of the seminar, the role of the program division in it is needed to organize the program so it can run as expected and minimize the occurrence of errors. This study aims to understand the activities and importance of the division program in the preparation and implementation of the seminar. The study was conducted by direct observation and interviews of related parties during the preparation and implementation of the "Trade, Tourism and Investment Seminar". The results of this study found that program divisions play a very important role in an event because it have a planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and monitoring functions. This research will help the event organizer in planning the event carefully and certainly result a success of the event.