Peran Program Unggulan dalam Pameran Bridestory Market 2018


Laras Amelia
Heri Setyawan


M.I.C.E (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, and, Exhibition) is an industry that is growing rapidly in various parts of the world, including in Indonesia. One MICE activity is an exhibition or commonly called an exhibition. Exhibition is a promotional activity carried out by producers, groups, organizations, and certain associations by displaying product displays to prospective relations or buyers. One of the basic successes in organizing exhibitions is the implementation of an exhibition program well because the program is the key of the success of an event. This study aims to find out about the exhibition programs in a wedding exhibition called Bridestory Market 2018 and the program that distinguishes it from other wedding exhibitions. Observations are made by observing and direct observation in Bridestory Market 2018, as well as interviews with certain parties involved in the exhibition to obtain information directly.