Kinematic Hardening Model Comparison of Square Hollow Section Under Cyclic Bending


Aniendhita Rizki Amalia
Kenshi Ochi


This study compares the different linearity of the kinematic hardening model of the Square Hollow Section (SHS) under cyclic bending loading. Four specimens of a simple support beam cyclically tested in previous research are listed as hot-rolled, hot-finished, and two cold-formed. Using the bilinear, multilinear, and Chaboche models, each specimen is modeled in kinematic hardening. The variables or node sets for each linearity model are estimated using tensile test data, and Chaboche variables are obtained using the least-square fitting method. Each linearity model for each specimen is built-in FEA using a shell model. The numerical model applied the same cyclic loading history as the previous test. The numerical analysis comparison concluded that Chaboche and the multilinear kinematic model generate the expected result fitted to test hysteresis of cold-formed one and cold-formed 2 SHS, but the bilinear models are not fitted. Moreover, all kinematic models are not fit for the hot-rolled and hot-finished SHS compared to the test hysteresis. So, for hot-rolled and hot-finished SHS, the combined hardening is suggested; there is a possibility it is because of the lower yield ratio that both sections have. Overall, during a cyclic bending analysis of cold-formed SHS, multilinear or Chaboche models are preferable if the data is limited.


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Amalia, A. R. ., & Ochi, K. (2022). Kinematic Hardening Model Comparison of Square Hollow Section Under Cyclic Bending . Applied Research on Civil Engineering and Environment (ARCEE), 3(02), 88–103.


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