Reverse Proxy Comparison Analysis for Optimization of Web Server Services

Abdul Aziz


Web is one technology that is currently widely used in various needs, both used for media campaigns, information systems, multimedia services, social networking and others. Web services provider server often encounter difficulties in servicing very high service requests from clients. The need for a solution in improving a web service, one of the right solutions is to add a reverse proxy to improve the performance of a web server by previously making a design and testing in implementing a reverse proxy. In its
implementation, the system design and configuration process requires configuring a Squid application on a proxy server that acts as a web cache request coming from the client, then building multiple web servers located behind the proxy server where the site used in the web server is wordpress. By making a reverse proxy for web server this is expect to be a useful solution in optimizing the performance of a web server.


proxy; reverse proxy; web server;


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